All owner operators and small fleet companies are required to have a well maintained truck to ensure the safety of not only the freight, but more importantly, to drivers and passengers on our highways. Older equipment is ok, as long as it is well maintained.

We hold a Power of Attorney for each owner operator or company. By holding your Power of Attorney, we can legally represent any carrier and act on their behalf.
With this, our driver partners act on your behalf to:
1. Find freight
2. Secure the freight plan for you.
3. To issue your driver the Bill of Lading and any other correspondence which is necessary for you or your driver to be able to pick up, transport and deliver the freight.
4. Monitor loads for your trucks. We keep your truck loaded, assist you during the trip, ensuring that you deliver on time, EVERY time!

We maintain a complete profile including, but not limited to:
1, Your Authority.
2. Your permits
3. Your insurance information-both liability while on the load, and your freight insurance
4. Your truck make, model & year as well as information regarding your trailer as to type, size, etc.