Question: What if I choose not to take a freight load that you offer me?

Answer: We know that you may not like every load that we offer you, and if there is a load that does not suit your needs, then we will continue to look for a load that is acceptable for you.

Question: Does loadplanners.com do the invoicing for my company? And how am I paid?

Answer: We do the invoicing for you, submitting to your factoring company or direct to the freight broker or shipper. You decide which best suits your needs. When funds are released they go straight to your bank account. We never touch your money.

Question: What brokers do you conduct business with?

Answer: We only do business with the brokers that have a good reputation. If you factor, we contact your factoring company and run a credit check with them. This helps to ensure that we are dealing with a reputable broker.

Question: What if I already have Brokers and Shippers I work with?

Answer: No problem. We can work with your current Brokers and Shippers or find you new ones. Our job is to simplify your business and keep your trucks loaded. We will make that happen every day!

Question: Am I required to have my own Authority to use your services?

Answer: No, In this day and age there are many Owner Operators and Small Fleets that are signed on or have a lease arrangement with another Carrier who holds the Authority. While it is sometimes simpler for us to work on your behalf when you have you own Authority, it is not required. We just need to know that you have permission to work with us if you run under someone else’s Authority. Written permission is best. Our friendly staff can help you walk through all this and help get permission if necessary.

Question: What type of Trucks do you work with?

Answer: We have and make arrangements with Refers, Dry Vans, Flatbeds, Step Decks, Hot Shots and other types of trucks. Really there is not a type of truck we cannot work with. Contact us for all your specialty needs.

Question: What if I find my own load?

Answer: No problem. All we ask is that you notify us right away so we can offer the load to another Carrier and take you off the working load list for the day.

Question: Do you check the credit of a potential broker/shipper?

Answer: Yes we do. We utilize a credit reporting system. We will do everything in our power while selecting brokers/shippers that are credit worthy and that are factoring company accepted. However, loadplanners.com cannot be held liable for collection actions. We will help you to the best of our abilities in resolving issues if they should arise.

Question: Can I use a factoring company?

Answer: Yes! We have a factoring company we like to work with, but have no problem using yours if that is what you prefer!

Question: Do I have to use your services on every truck and every load?

Answer: Not at all. The only thing we ask is that you give us as much time as possible ahead so we can better plan for your needs, and if your status changes let us know as well.

Question: Does loadplanners.com do the invoicing, and how do I get paid?

Answer: Yes we send invoices to your factoring company as often as you want us to.  If you want us to bill the freight broker/shipper direct we can do that too. Please note that it could take 30 to 60 days to receive payment on your invoice. Your funds will always be sent directly to you. We NEVER handle your money!

Question: How can I pay my bill?

Answer: Many factoriing companies will handle paying us direct. You can choose to do this, or pay us weekly by either check or credit/debit card. We only get paid once you have been paid. You will NEVER have to pay for our services up front!