At we take the guess work out of what your next load will be. We know that you, as a truck driver, whether an owner operator or you own a trucking fleet, keeping your truck loaded and on the move can steal valuable time from your day. Well, no more! We take the hassle out of finding your next load, filing your paperwork and receiving your payments off your hands which gives you more time to do what you know best…to drive! When you take your loads from us, we can plan you out for a week, possibly even up to a month, and get you home to enjoy your family when you tell us you need a break! We WILL negotiate the best rate possible for you. We believe that with our knowledge of the industry, coupled with our low prices…how could you go wrong? Advantages of Choosing Our Dispatching Services Our driver partners look at multiple load boards to find your dry freight and reefer loads. NO FORCED DISPATCH! You only drive the loads that you accept and for the amount you specified….You deserve special attention and with us that is what you will be getting! We work hard to make sure that you are successful….your success equals our success! We offer Easy Set Up and competitive rates. We do not require a signed contract but we encourage you to sign up for our month to month service…Trust me….You will be glad you did! We believe that what we have to offer will be a great benefit to you and your company. This is the reason we are in this business!